How To Mask On Alight Motion Mod Apk

Multiple layers have been in use, for now, quite some time. Due to the attractiveness and sleekness of this feature. Everyone likes to have these effects added to their videos making them attractive and turning on the magic of the app. These layering and masking effects in the video go back in time. Now many of you would be wondering about this feature in your mind How To Mask On Alight Motion Mod Apk?
And at that time it was something that used to fascinate the viewers and they used to amaze by these features. But as time has evolved along with technology. Now you have the power to apply these masking and layering features of the videos made by you on your smartphone.
For this reason, we bring you an ultimate guide that will clear all the thoughts on using the masking features for free on your Alight Motion Mod Apk application.

What Do You Mean By Masking?

There are many who are not familiar with the term masking. For them, masking is a feature in which the user has the power to control a visual. Now they can duplicate, reveal, hide, or even can modify any video of their choice. Further, in this process now you can overlay an image or video by using this feature.
You can also add the text of your choice, into any template or can modify it to your requirements. Thus introducing more effects, layers, elements, and visuals into your images, and videos at the same time. Using this feature the world becomes an admirer of your editing skills. And you can portray yourself as a professional video and image editor.

Why Masking Is Famous?

This is a nice question to answer. And we wish to answer this question for those who like to move with this digital world. Everyone loves to see stunning images and videos that are eye-catching. Now you can create your very own videos that will intrigue the users and mesmerize them into the actions and impressive video effects that you are capable of using. Thanks to this very impeccable application.

How To Mask On Alight Motion

When you operate your Alight Motion app all you have to do is perform three steps. These steps are Add, Adjust, and Animate. With these simple steps, you will be able to add life to your projects or the videos that you wanted to see a change. There are a lot of Alight Motion versions available in the market where the interface of the application is different.
We are using this latest version of the app where we are going to address the How To Mask On Alight Motion Mod Apk. There is an Add Menu for vector and freehand drawing options which is available on the main screen. Furthermore, blending and opacity are other features that you will enjoy with more options added to the blending feature. Now you can multiply with darkening, and the screen is contained within the light.
In addition, exclude features are contained within the Masking feature. The reason for explaining this is if you are using an older version of the app then you might not find the features of the app on the same spot. For this, you need to download the latest version of the app by clicking on the download button.

How To Mask On Alight Motion Mod Apk

Some Steps How to Mask On Alight Motion Mod APK

We have prepared a step-by-step guide that will allow you to apply masking to your videos. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to use one layer to mask another layer using this perfectly crafted app for video editing. Moreover, if you are not familiar with this Alight Motion Text Presets Download features. All you have to do is just read the following steps. These steps will enable you to become a pro within no time. Let’s get started. And we offer Alight motion for Pc

  •  First thing first, you need to open the app and enter the masking option of the app.
  •  You need to add a background image using this app.
  •  If you want to use the same background, as you have seen in another video over the internet.
  •  This image can be a coloured background of any image.
  •  You need to copy those images from the internet and save them in your personal computer or smartphone’s memory.
  •  Next, add the layer you want to be masked.
  •  You can choose any shape such as round, oval, rectangular, or square.
  •  Further, you can use anything that suits your mood and imagination.
  •  You can even add text, or video as well.
  •  The layer you want to use as a mask shape must be on top of the layer.
  •  Make sure both layers are the same length.
  •  If they are not of the same length then you need to make them of the same length.
  •  You can use the editing tools that are mentioned above on the right side under the setting icon.
  •  Next, you have to set the length of your video to match the length of your other image.
  •  For this reason, you need to extend both images to match the video.
  •  Here in this step, you need to apply the mask.
  •  Further, you need to select the layers.
  •  You can do that by pressing and holding the first layer for a minimum of two seconds.
  •  Tap on the second layer so that they appear in symmetry in size and shape.
  •  Next, go to the top right corner of the menu section of the app.
  •  Now go to the overflow menu and choose the create a masking group.
  •  This marks the end of the process.
  •  You have finally created your very own masking of videos on your own.

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How Do I Get These Masking Features

The feature of masking is available in the Alight motion app but you have to pay the subscription and avail of the premium package of the app. if you have the modded version of Alight Motion Unlocked Apk you will avail of this feature right from the beginning. You don’t have to pay anything for this feature of the app. You can simply download it free from Google Play Store.
In addition, Alight Motion Pro Free Download allows you to enjoy unlimited and unlocked access to the premium features of the app. using this app will enable the user to combine two images and video at the same time. Further, you can now modify and cut your videos using the spectacular cutting abilities of the app specially designed for this Alight Motion Unlocked.


In operating your very own Alight Motion Mod Apk app you can apply unlimited masking features to your images, and videos. This article is a perfect guide for those who are on a constant search for How To Mask On Alight Motion? This app is perfectly easy and accessible for android, iOS, and personal computer users. With this being said, now you have the power to apply the masking feature to your videos and images no matter what operating system you are using. Further, this feature is a must to know and have in this digital world.


How do you ungroup items in alight motion?
You can ungroup various items using this app which are currently available in grouped layers. You have to go to the overflow menu of the app where you can find this feature and select a group. Further, you can also select multiple layers using the same feature at the same time. For this, you have to drag the image in the preview pane and you have to move them all at the same time.
Where is user media alight motion?
You can access the user media in this Alight Motion app. for this you have to access the settings menu of the app on your smartphone device. Now go to the Apps section and there you find the Manage Apps option. There is one thing that you need to make sure that Alight Motion requires access to your media files right when you are installing the app on your smartphone.
What is null in alight motion?
This is another feature of the app. Null objects are referred to as invisible layers. They work with parenting.


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