How to Add Audio in Alight Motion

I am not the founder of Alight Motion, nor do I work for the company. This is a fan-made subreddit for Alight motion apk users since it still needs to be completed mod version. Read How to Add Audio In Alight Motion and understand the adding the audio.

Here, you can share any range you have created using AM, inquiries about the app, or even tutorials for some changes/scope of this Modded version of the editing app. Although this is unique, I intend to count laws and mods to keep this location close for everyone, even if no one enters.

The Process OF How To Add Audio In Alight Motion

  • Open the Alight Motion app on your mobile phone and create a project.
  • Go to the media or gallery where you save your music.
  • Choose a sound or a fast sound video.
  • You can also choose a sound from the video( go to media> select a video> extract sound> delete video).
  • It would be best to put the second mark while peeking at the graph on your screen. For example, the graph is dense in some places and thinner in some places.
  • A music mark must be positioned in your editing at the commencement and end.
  • First, you have to listen to the sound in your video; then, you have to visit the chart of where it is bringing more stagnant and where it is getting more insubstantial.
  • From where the chart is gaining wider or giving 2 extra sounds, you must place a beat pattern there.
  • We don’t put a beat mark on a small sound.
  • Now You can Refrain from putting beat marks on each wiring diagram. You will keep to comprehend it yourself. So it’s crucial to attend to the music first if you like it, then do with this music.
  • Wherever we set the second mark, whenever there is time on that moment, its choice turns red, and as the music plays, the rhythm mark will also play, and editing will be done.
  • Enjoy your editing

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