How To Use Preset in Alight Motion

If you are curious about Alight Motion presets, Free and unique Alight Motion data, and you want to know How To Use Preset in Alight Motion download and want the most beneficial effects for your videos.

An occasional year ago, it was incredibly difficult to do video editing without a computer and your smart device. You have to edit your recorded videos on mobile devices, or it is unthinkable to do the most useful video and photo editing from a mobile phone for your best experience. However, multiple such applications have arrived on the Google Play Store, but it is paid, allowing experienced video editing like this Alight motion pro mod APK. One such app is available on the Google Play Store called Alight Motion for proficient video editing apk files, and nowadays, we deliver the best quality editing and presets.

How To Use Preset in Alight Motion?

  • If you like To use the alight motion effect presets on your recorded videos, open the app Alight Motion Pro Mod APK and start to edit your videos.
  • Behind opening the alight motion apk on your smart device, the downloaded alight Motion effect-like presets will be open in the projects option for your videos.
  • After opening the project option on your screen, click on the alight motion mod apk shake effect.
  • The alight Motion preset Effect will be used by clicking the video editor.
  • Now you will see the plus(+) icon from the bottom side; connecting to it lets you put recorded video and audio.
  • When all is done, you check the effects of your recorded photos or videos.

Where are the presets saved?

In your mobile or Pc device’s alight motion pro mod apk installation guide, the presets are saved in your smart device’s presets—ffx folder. For example, it will be in drive C:\Program Files\Mettle\Alight Motion Presets on Windows. On Mac, they will be inside Alight Motion apk Presets after falling into Library/Application Support/Mettle/Alight Motion Presets, a device you use. If yes, you can use your saved prests for the best editing

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