How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

How to do velocity edits on Alight motion? It’s a typical question about your favourite recorded video and your favourite animation editing apps wandering on the internet. For those who are used to this app, here is a complete way to understand what this application offers its users. 

What Is Meant By Velocity Editing In Alight Motion APK?

It is the typical article about this apk mod, how you edit your recorded videos to Velocity edits or video editing is technically connected to frame rate or fps (Frames Per Second), which is set by your device. So, We know Velocity is the video’s speed in which the object is moving with a speed that you like to increase or decrease according to your requirements; if you need to increase the speed, then you increase your video speed, and otherwise, it will be constant. But we are here to tell you How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion Mod Apk on your devices.

If you have information about frame rate or FPS, then you get this step which is helpful for your this edits; we are infallible. You must understand the most suitable frame rate discount for video editing. Nevertheless, numerous aspects consider picking the correct frame rate or fps setting for your recorded videos.
So, Not to stress! We have damaged the system to customize the Velocity of your recorded videos in the Alight Motion App. Let’s get more serious about this feature. You can also check Alight Motion Shake Effect.

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

Following these steps, you edit your favourite recorded videos like a professional. Check out the entire process of editing Velocity in the Alight Motion apk mod fast and efficiently. And then you satisfy after editing your videos.

Step 1: First, prepare your video quickly after recording. Ensure you keep adding the selected music, applying the selected filters, unique stickers, beautiful text, and whatever you want to set in the video.

Step 2: Make foolproof that you have counted some energies(Animations) with the bankruptcy rate or speed set by the Alight Motion app.

Step 3: We believe that your favourite recorded video consists of various coatings. Currently, you keep editing all the layers consisting of recorded video.

Step 4: Choose the coating or layer where you like to do velocity editing in the video.

Step 5: After selecting the layer, you will notice a chart (option) in the base left corner of your mobile phone or any device screen.

Step 6: first of all, Click to open the chart sets. You will notice the four sub-option: linear, easy in, easy out, easy in, and out. Follow these steps for the best results.

Step 7: All these choices have other use and deliver further consequences. Here we have defined these words.

  • Linear: Support to transfer the objects in the video at a steady pace.
  • Easy in: Second, Recommendations to drag the objects slowly in creating and fast in the end.
  • Easy out: Present to move the thing quickly in creating and quiet in the finish.
  • Easy in and out: in the last, It shows mixed speeds for your object (fast and slow-moving objects), whatever you require in these last steps.

Step 8:Select your preferred speed-controlled choice and save your edited video.

Step 9:Repeat the process of edits for all your recorded video layers where you like to modify the rate.

Step 10:Congrats! You have successfully edited your videos with the velocity edit in the Alight Motion mod apk. Directly communicate and want your favourite video.


 The alight Motion apk has created Velocity editing a bit of interval. We have transferred the step-by-step procedure for velocity editing our video in the Alight Motion mod apk. We expect this straightforward and fast method will allow you to create your edited videos with better eye-catching effects. Moreover, you can study how to remove the watermark of the video by using the alight motion mod apk, and this one file is available on our website. 

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