Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing

Do you face an issue with crashing the editing app? and do know Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing? then we provide a solution to this issue.  Does alight motion mod apk keep crashing when exporting the data? No anxieties at all, then. In this article about this issue, I will deliver instructions on resolving a crashing issue with alight motion crashing. When exporting, you will also remember to restart your video up to 50%.

I exported a recorded video project in my alight motion app on your device; when it reached 50% and up, the editing app crashed, and I was astonished at what transpired in the app. After much effort in editing, I found some solutions to my problem. So, It’s time to resolve this issue. Let’s get commenced.

How To Stop Alight Motion From Crashing?

First Method

  • When launching the alight mod apk, specifically the modded version, ensure you are not related to the internet connection.
  • WIFI and data both be off in your device.
  • Clear the app cache as soon as possible to set up your app.

If you are new user to using alight motion you can visit our website to get information How to use Alight Motion Mod APK.

Second Method

  • Restart the alight motion app. Please make a copy of your project, like photos and images, and do not ever edit it.
  • Do not edit the copied project. Just export it from your device.
  • Change the bitrate of your project from 8.00Mbps to 7.0mbps in the project of your device.
  • Wait for the export of the data.
  • Do not turn off your device.
  • It worked.
  • Save it.
  • This method will work for you too efficiently and best.

Some Advice For successfully Export Files On Alight Motion Mod APK

  • Use less effect on one part video in this app.
  • Try clearing your cache in your device when using a light motion; your Ram should be free.
  • Free storage space in your smart devices.
  • Try to buy a premium plan and enjoy.

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