How to add a beat mark in alight motion

The alight motion team is passionate about his work and spent many years developing this editing app and presenting the next-generation feature of the beat mark. You can add a beat mark in alight motion as the professional does in his project.

You can compare this editing app with any other powerful software of pc. But conveniently, you can do in the alight motion app on your smartphone all those functions that you will perform in a pc software. So I suggest the alight motion as compared to any other app…

Here we will discuss and guide you complete how to add a beat mark in alight motion. Some questions arise how can we add a beat mark in the image and video, and what is the most efficient method to add a beat mark? In alight motion, we can add a beat mark for a little effort.

How to add a beat mark in alight motion?

  • Open alight motion application.
  • Tap on the plus icon and create a project.
  • Select the ratio according to your project.
  • For using beat, we need to add sound.
  • Listen to the song and then see the graph.
  • Sometimes the graph rises and sometimes down.
  • Where the graph is rising, here add a beat mark there.
  • Listen to the sound carefully. Because for every rise point on the graph, you will not add a beat mark in alight motion.
  • And this point, you will have to understand yourself., 
  • Where we mark the beat when the time is on the beat, it will show reddish colour as the sound play and the beat mark will also play.

 So there are some basic steps we will discuss. Follow these steps and add a beat mark for a little bit of struggle in a few minutes. This feature of alight motion will make your project’s work more convenient and interesting. you can also check How to fix Alight Motion Mod APK Errors in Android &ios

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