how to export videos in alight motion

Are you already using alight motion? If yes, you must know how to export videos in alight motion. You must read this post if you are a completely new user. Alight motion is an editing app. It is a unique app we can use on android pc, Macs, and ios. Alight motion is an app with countless features about the usage of which we know very little. When using this app, we capture our video at 4k resolution as unique, but we need to understand how to save it. Many people use their precious time to edit their videos but must remember to export them quickly. One reason for all this is that we need to remember to export it in a hurry; otherwise, this app is straightforward to use everyone can use it easily. Today I will walk you through some problems we have encountered when editing videos and photos, so you can avoid dealing with this again.

Alight motion is an emerging app worldwide because people from every field, be it bloggers or TikToker Or online gamers, use this app to create good quality videos and earn a lot from this video because it is a straightforward and quick-to-understand app.

How To Export Videos In Alight Motion

  • First, open the alight motion app.
  • After that, you have to edit the videos. 
  • When you have completed your editing and are satisfied that you do not need to make any further changes, you must click on the export button in the upper right corner to enter the step of saving your video.
  • Then you will see a save button on your screen; press it as it comes when you are done with the export process.
  • Congratulations, you have done your task quickly and exported your video.
  • Your video has been saved in your phone’s internal storage; now, you can go there and play your video.

Before following all these steps, your device must have alight motion. For that I am giving the link below. Download it and apply all these steps.

How To Export Alight Motion Video Without Watermark

As I have explained in detail how you can easily export the edited video after that, we have a watermark option some people like it, and some people dont like it. Still, you should remember it if you want to save your video without a watermark. If yes, then you must use the pro version of the alight motion mod apk so that you can edit your video in a good way. But with us, you dont have to worry because we give full disclosure to people and show them a straight path so that people dont have any problems while using it. I direct you to the third party which can use the pro version to get rid of up watermark, and above that, I have told you in detail how to remove the watermark in the alight motion mod apk.
Now I hope that all the questions you were facing about saving the video have been solved and your query has been answered, so now you have your edited video inside the gallery and can enjoy it without any trouble.

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